Can you walk with a pulled tendon in the foot?

Answer On One Hand: You Will Be Able to WalkTendons are at the ends of muscles near bones. A pulled foot tendon can cause pain, swelling, weakness and difficulty rising up on your toes. However, you shoul... Read More »

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How long does a pulled tendon take to heal?

healing time equals how well you take care of this can re-injure without much, better off with a therapist to lead you through...ask many questions, get many answers for w... Read More »

Where is the peroneal tendon located in the foot?

The two peroneal tendons are located behind the outer ankle bone. One peroneal tendon is attached to the outer part of the midfoot (the area between your toes and the heel of your foot) and the oth... Read More »

Sprained a tendon in foot while playing bastketball What can I do for now?

For now, you can try taking rest and massaging the sprained foot gently with oil. Afterwards, a bandage would be helpful.

Can't walk on right foot?

You might have slept with it jambed up somewhere. Might be arthritic, even gout flares up with too much rich food.