Can you view a HD tv without having HD channels?

Answer Yes

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How do I View Cable Channels without a Set-Top Box?

Most cable programming comes with a television receiver box. This receiver box obtains higher-end programming and unscrambles it. However, if you have the basic cable package there is no need for t... Read More »

How do u decode a sky box & view all channels free?

Can You View Scrambled Satellite Channels?

You can view scrambled satellite channels if you have a descrambler with the correct software to decrypt the signal from a specific satellite service provider. You can purchase descramblers and sat... Read More »

Do you need an HDTV to view high definition channels?

You do not need a high-definition television to view high-definition channels. If you have the digital converter box, you can watch the programs aired on high-definition channels. You only need a h... Read More »