Can you view a HD tv without having HD channels?

Answer Yes

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How do I View Cable Channels without a Set-Top Box?

Most cable programming comes with a television receiver box. This receiver box obtains higher-end programming and unscrambles it. However, if you have the basic cable package there is no need for t... Read More »

How can I view local TV channels without getting cable or satellite?

There are amplified antennas as well as omni directional antennas and highly directional ones...Put your address in here and this will tell you what your local stations are. It uses a color code th... Read More »

How do u decode a sky box & view all channels free?

Can You View Scrambled Satellite Channels?

You can view scrambled satellite channels if you have a descrambler with the correct software to decrypt the signal from a specific satellite service provider. You can purchase descramblers and sat... Read More »