Can you use your headset as headphones?

Answer the large size is called a 1/4 inch phono plug and the smaller size (like ipods use) is a 3.5mm called a mini-phono and then there is a tiny one usually only for cell phones: a 2.5mm sub-mini.

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Can you use a H500 headset as PC headphones?

To me, it makes sense that they are. And by earphones, I am assuming you mean the regular, outside-of-the-ear headphones? Here's a link from CBS from a while back that I thought was interesting:htt... Read More »

Can a blue tooth headset be used as headphones?

Can I somehow turn my Bose QC-2 headphones into a gaming headset?

What is a headset that has really crisp audio As in microphone wise, not headphones.?

I work for Andrea Electronics so I may be a little biased, but I really suggest looking into our product line. What truly separates us from the rest of the industry is we utilize our patented micro... Read More »