Can you use your freeview box as a signal booster?

Answer yes you can because i have managed to

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Can someone recommend me a good freeview box and signal booster please?

forget freeview, get a eurovox max v for £80.......thats the real "free view" lol enjoy.

How do I get my freeview signal clearer.?

Well it would have helped if you had mentioned your tv area. However, you should know that the aerial is directional, consequently it should point in a similar direction as all the other aerial in ... Read More »

Murphy 19inch tv tp1906 just bought cant get any signal and shows analog this tv should have built in freeview?

Do you have a decent, outdoor aerial connected?…

How to Build a Wi-Fi Signal Booster?

The antenna of a device accessing the Internet is responsible for gathering in the signal from the Wi-Fi transmitter. You can build a Wi-Fi signal booster that will aid the antenna, regardless of w... Read More »