Can you use your credit card to pay your monthly mortgage payment?

Answer In 2007, some credit card issuers announced arrangements which enabled cardholders to pay mortgages by card. This permits the cardholders to earn additional rewards. In many cases, there are fees t... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Monthly APR on a Credit Card?

Credit cards allow you to purchase goods and services on credit, meaning you don't have to have the funds to buy an item on hand to purchase it. You can use a line of credit provided by a bank. You... Read More »

How do I calculate credit card monthly payment?

Determine Interest RateIdentify and convert your yearly annual percentage rate (APR) into a monthly figure by dividing it by 12. So if your rate is 12 percent, your monthly rate is 1 percent, or .0... Read More »

How to Stop Monthly Billing to a Credit Card?

If you have signed up for an automatic monthly billing cycle (you may do so for companies ranging from cable to magazine providers) the payment is withdrawn from the same credit card at the same ti... Read More »

How to Lower a Credit Card Monthly Payment?

You could be eligible for lower monthly payments on your credit card account -- if you are suffering from a legitimate financial crisis such as a job loss, illness or excessive debt. Some credit ca... Read More »