Can you use your Verizon android with sprint?

Answer Nope, sprint uses a different technology for there towers and Verizon doesn't accept sim cards.

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What phones will verizon and sprint come out with to compete with iphone and google g1?

look online to see some interesting ideas :)

Can an old Sprint cell phone be used with the Verizon service?

You may not use an old Sprint cell phone with Verizon service. It's possible to legally unlock tri-mode phones with a master subsidy lock (MSL) code, but no major cell phone company will activate a... Read More »

Sprint T Mobile AT&T OR Verizon Which is your favorite Cellphone provider?

verizon. i have had it for 3 years with no problems at all. the others i have had and had some minor issues.

Sprint Verizon AT&T Or T-Mobile Which Cellphone provider is better in your opinion?

Verizon is the best. I can get service in the middle of nowhere!!! And they have the best phones!! Go LG Dare!!! Oh and here are the rankings for all the phone carriers.1) Verizon2) Sprint3) AT&T4)... Read More »