Can you use your Dish Network DVR on your DirecTV signal?

Answer Both Dish Network and DirecTV support only proprietary DVR equipment that must be purchased with a subscription. While Dish Network DVRs and DirecTV DVRs have comparable features, you cannot use a ... Read More »

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Can a dish network lnb receice DirecTV signal?

DISH Network receivers decode the satellite signal using the receiver and the LNB on the dish outside of the home. The LNBs are unique to each company and can't be used by the other. In answer to y... Read More »

Can you use a dish network pro500 dish and L and B to tune in a direct tv signal?

You can use the dish but not the LNB; it will not work for dtv. The DISH Network LNB and the receiver decodes the signal and gives you a picture on your TV.

How do you get a signal with directv satellite dish while using in travel trailer?

There is a signal meter built into the receiver. Just follow the instructions on the installation menu.

Can you use a dish from Dish Network and a receiver from DirecTV?

Just to clarify on the answers given. The LNBs are different for DISH Network and DTV along with the receivers. The LNB and receiver takes the signal from the satellite and gives you your signal on... Read More »