Can you use your BlackBerry on Fido data plans?

Answer You can use your BlackBerry with Fido data plans, whether it is a BlackBerry device purchased through Fido or an unlocked BlackBerry you have obtained through a source other than from the carrier. ... Read More »

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How much is 1mb of internet use on fido WITHOUT a dataplan and does every download off a jailbroken iPhone with 3g or edge go under sent or received data?

the iphone is cheaper then the ipod because you are paying a monthly fee on the phone and a one time for the touch

Is blackberry messenger included for free on virgin 20 pound a month deal with 200 minuites unlimited texts unlimited blackberry data service and unlimeted mobile internet?

iPhone 3G: Talk time- 5 hours on 3G, 10 hours 2GStandby- Up to 300 hoursInternet use- 5 hours 3G, 6 hours wi-fiVideo play back- Up to 7 hoursAudio play back- Up to 24 hoursiPhone 3GS:Talk time- 5 h... Read More »

Phones & Data plans....?

They do not have unlimited data any longer, so actually, she is right. It will make the bill go up quite a bit and you OR HER won't be able to have unlimited data. She might be being selfish, not w... Read More »

Can you get data plans for jail-broken iphones?

I'm not exactly sure because I'm not using a jailbroken phone, but to do so you need an iPhone original and then a plan with T-Mobile (only compatible carrier in the US that works with the iPhone) ... Read More »