Can you use wrapping paper for scrapbooking?

Answer Decorative wrapping paper serves as an inexpensive alternative to scrapbooking paper or card stock. One roll of wrapping paper can provide enough background paper to create an entire scrapbook. Not... Read More »

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Can you use paper embellishments for digital scrapbooking?

Yes. According to Free Digital Scrapbooking, you can choose a wide variety of embellishments for your digital scrapbook. A writer at Scrap Girls says that they offer a large catalog of embellishmen... Read More »

How is wrapping paper made?

Wrapping paper comes in many forms, ranging from special occasion wraps to tissue paper and unusual homemade papers. Making wrapping paper can be relatively easy or a full-fledged project and wrapp... Read More »

Is wrapping paper recycable?

In most cases, wrapping paper cannot be recycled because of the dyes, laminates and additives used in the paper, according to Additionally, the paper usually has tape stuck to it, whi... Read More »

Who invented wrapping paper?

Modern gift wrap was created in 1917 by Joyce Clyde Hall and his brother Rollie, the founders of Hallmark Cards. During the Christmas holiday season, they ran out of solid-colored tissue paper (the... Read More »