Can you use wifi and apps on an unlocked android phone without data plan?

Answer Definitely yes.

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Can you get an android phone without a data plan If you buy an unlocked android with prepaid can you use google voice for all the calls and wifi for internet?

Yes and No. If you buy it with a new contract for a discount price at AT&T, they will make you get a data plan, but if you get it from T-mobile, a data plan is just recommended.l

Can you access the internet on a unlocked iphone without a data plan if you have Wifi?

Yes, you can use your iPhone 3G(S) to access the Internet if you have an available WiFi connection.

Do I need a data plan for a unlocked smart phone even if I don't use internet?

Your Good, you can buy an unlock smartphone and pop your AT&T Sim card with no problems. You can program the device to not send any data over the network and use WiFi only but if your family has a ... Read More »

I have an android my phone off im using wifi what apps can i get free to make phone calls?

Viber, but person your phoning needs to have it