Can you use whole, fresh cranberries in cookies?

Answer On One Hand: Whole Fresh CranberriesIt is nearly impossible to find a cookie recipe that calls for whole fresh cranberries. This is because whole berries take a long time to soften and are better u... Read More »

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Can you eat fresh cranberries uncooked?

On One Hand: Eat Them RawFresh cranberries are a great snack that you can pop in your mouth at any time. They are a bit tart, so they may take some getting used to. But they are full of antioxidan... Read More »

Can you eat fresh cranberries without cooking them?

On One Hand: Safe and HealthyAccording to The George Mateljan Foundation for the World's Healthiest Foods, raw cranberries are safe to eat. Cranberries are nutritionally rich and fresh berries cont... Read More »

How to Substitute Fresh Cranberries for Dried?

Pure cranberries have an extremely tart flavor, as you may know if you have ever eaten one or had a sip of pure, unsweetened cranberry juice. To achieve the sweet yet mildly sour flavor familiar in... Read More »

Do fresh cranberries stored in a bag in the refrigerator go bad?

Cranberries will stay fresh in the refrigerator, in their original packaging, for about a month. They can also store in the freezer for nine months to one year. Frozen cranberries will not undergo ... Read More »