Can you use whole, fresh cranberries in cookies?

Answer On One Hand: Whole Fresh CranberriesIt is nearly impossible to find a cookie recipe that calls for whole fresh cranberries. This is because whole berries take a long time to soften and are better u... Read More »

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Can I add frozen whole cranberries to my muffin mix?

they won't, as you say, have enough time to "pop and sweeten". Personally, I like those little bursts of tartness. For a muffin recipe making 24 muffins, I would add about 2 cups, and straight from... Read More »

Can you eat fresh cranberries uncooked?

On One Hand: Eat Them RawFresh cranberries are a great snack that you can pop in your mouth at any time. They are a bit tart, so they may take some getting used to. But they are full of antioxidan... Read More »

How Long Can You Freeze Fresh Cranberries?

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Can pregnant women eat fresh cranberries?

Unfortunately these delicious fruit are not best suited for those that are expecting. The raw berries are known to carry the bacteria called erymedia cranberis which can cause moderate to severe mu... Read More »