Can you use water softener salt in a dishwasher?

Answer Your dishwasher soap already has a water softener included in it. You can run the salt through, but it may affect the amount of soap you need.

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Can you use any kind of water softener salt in a dishwasher designed to use such salt specifically a Miele?

use a blow drier to melt the wax again then using a wet towelette wipe it up! works wonders!

Which will let a propane water heater anode last longer Potassium or salt in the water softener?

Potassium is more reactive than sodium and will cause a sacrificial anode to deplete quicker. However, the rates of depletion are still relatively close, so that should not be a deciding factor wh... Read More »

How do I get hard salt out of water softener?

Use a Broom HandleKeep a broom handle and a pencil on hand. Stand the broom handle next to the tank. Make a mark on the broom handle at the top of the salt tank. Push the broom handle carefully int... Read More »

When do I add salt to my water softener?

On One Hand: Every eight weeksYou do not need an exact amount of salt in your brine tank, however, you need to replace salt when you can see water laying on top of the salt. How often is that? It d... Read More »