Can you use water from a dehumidifier to water house plants?

Answer Answer It wont hurt the plants. but the water may be lacking some of its natural minerals.

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Can I use water from my dehumidifier to water plants?

You can water flowers or other nonedible plants with water from a dehumidifier. Water from dehumidifiers may contain metals, including lead, that you do not want to ingest, so don't use that water ... Read More »

Can dehumidifier water be used on plants?

Yes, it is safe to use dehumidifier water on plants. Dehumidifier water is good for plants as it tends to be more neutral and pure than tap water. Plants do not benefit from the fluoride or chlorin... Read More »

How do I water house plants with softened water?

Flush Old SaltsHold the house plant over your sink and pour a large amount of room temperature, softened water. This will flush the old salts out and will reduce the amount of sodium to the soil.Le... Read More »

If muriatic acid is safe to pH the water in swimming pools can water that is just pH'ed with the acid be used on house plants?

If the water you are intending to use has been brought to Ph of 7.2 as is normally done in swimming pools then there is no problem at all using it to water plants. No. Do not use this acid mixed wi... Read More »