Can you use turbo tax for amended tax returns?

Answer Yes, you can use the TurboTax software to amend a federal tax return from a previous year. The TurboTax software actually walks you through the process to guarantee it's done correctly.Source:Turbo... Read More »

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When are amended tax returns due?

Taxpayers should file Form 1040X to amend a return. The time limit to amend a tax return depends on the statute of limitations for the error in the original return. Most taxpayers must file Form 10... Read More »

Does turbo tax file non-resident returns?

Turbo Tax can be used to file your non-resident return. A nonresident state tax return is a tax return for a state other than your state of residence. Turbo tax easily handles and supports non-resi... Read More »

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Investing successfully in the stock market and a commodity market requires similar qualifications: intensive study, a sensible plan of investment and sufficient capital to endure inevitable downswi... Read More »

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