Can you use travelers checks in Karachi, Pakistan?

Answer Unfortunately, very few establishments in Karachi will accept traveler's checks. However, there is an extensive network of ATMs that you can use to get money while traveling throughout this major P... Read More »

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When was Karachi, Pakistan founded?

Karachi first appeared in written history in 1789 when the Khan of Kalat turned Karachi, a small fishing village, over to the Talpurs of Balochistan. It remained a small village until 1839 when ta... Read More »

What language is spoken in Karachi, Pakistan?

A variety of languages are spoken in Karachi, Pakistan, the most universal of which are English and Urdu. Urdu is the official language of Pakistan, though for most Pakistanis Urdu is not their mot... Read More »

What are Travelers' Checks?

You should of done it as soon as you got back from the holiday.

Where do I get travelers checks?

Travelers checks, or cheques, are a substitute for cash that can be replaced if you lose them or if they're stolen. Travelers checks are available for purchase at most banks or through American Exp... Read More »