Can you use the same monitor on a Mac G4 as you can on a PC?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Use Your Monitor With A G4Apple has manufactured a variety of G4 machines with several ports, accepting either VGA, DVI, or both. The original Power Mac G4, with its PCI graphi... Read More »

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What happens if a 24'' monitor has the same resolution as a 27'' monitor?

It simply means the 24" has a higher pixel density. Since both monitors have the same resolutions, a fixed-pixel sized image would appear smaller on a 24" than a 27".

Can you have two computers run off the same monitor?

If you are trying to hook up two computers to one monitor, keyboard, mouse set up, then you need a KVM switch. You can buy them at your local computer store, from about $50-$100. Click the link be... Read More »

Does a PC monitor work the same as LCD tv?

Computer LCD displays operate in a very similar way to LCD televisions. The input signals are normally different to those available on a television but otherwise, the technologies used are the same... Read More »

Can we plug 2 computer towers in the same monitor?