Can you use the land under power lines for garden?

Answer ANSWER: If it is your land, yes. If it is a power company right-of-way, then special permission will be required. In some situations, the power company will let you use this land for gardens. This ... Read More »

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Will land lines ever be discontinued?

I found this and it looks like it soon will eb a thing of the past internet phone ,may make landlines a thing of the past check it out here.…

Is star 67 free to dial on land lines first best anwser gets it!?

*67 is totally free! and its the only star feature that is free with any phone or cell provider!!

Do boundary lines on condo divided land have any legal significance regarding liability?

Yes. The legal boundaries of your particular unit are set forth in the Master Deed that established the condominium. You are liable for any damage or injury that takes place within the boundaries o... Read More »

I have a big tree at the bottom of my garden. its not on my land, but stops me getting much sunlight.?

get some big copper nails and hammer them into the bottom of the tree.The copper absorbs into the tree and kills it totallyTree gone and sunlight comes throughNow you can get a good tan