Can you use the land under power lines for garden?

Answer ANSWER: If it is your land, yes. If it is a power company right-of-way, then special permission will be required. In some situations, the power company will let you use this land for gardens. This ... Read More »

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Will land lines ever be discontinued?

I found this and it looks like it soon will eb a thing of the past internet phone ,may make landlines a thing of the past check it out here.…

Is star 67 free to dial on land lines first best anwser gets it!?

*67 is totally free! and its the only star feature that is free with any phone or cell provider!!

How can I get rid of under eye wrinkles/lines?

Ugh, I know how you feel. I'm 16, and I've noticed that I've developed some under eye wrinkles in the past few weeks. I think it's the lack of sleep and stress thanks to school and the foundation I... Read More »

Lines under my eyes :/?

I know putting used tea bags on your eyes can help brighten and help eyes look less tired/reduce puffiness. Just boil some water, throw in a tea bag, green tea is most beneficial, and then close yo... Read More »