Can you use the iPhone with Alltel?

Answer Alltel uses a CDMA network to interface with their devices. AT&T uses a GSM network. The radio frequency ranges are not compatible and will not allow the iPhone hardware to interface with Alltel's ... Read More »

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IPhone 3g wont work with universal dock it says in the box iPhone iPhone 3g and iPhone 3GS and comes with the connectors but it says this accessory is not made to work with iPhone?

IPhone 3GS to iPhone 4. I just bought a iPhone 3GS the day before the iPhone 4 was announced. Is there any way I can return mine with the money going towards the iPhone 4?

I'm assuming this is old as the iPhone has been out awhile, but no there is no return policy with Apple or AT&T.

How to Tether With Alltel?

If your Alltel phone has mobile Web and a data plan, you can use it to access the Internet. This is a good option if you travel a lot and need Internet service, or if you do not have an Internet Se... Read More »

Can I get a Sidekick with Alltel?

All Sidekick phones work only on the T-Mobile network. Altell is now part of Verizon Wireless, which offers similar phones to the Sidekick, like the LG ENv5 or the Samsung B550.Source:Verizon: Alte... Read More »