Can you use the Mplus XD card with this camera?

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Canon ixus 8015 camera with a 2gb memory card - how many pictures will this store?

I formatted my SD card on my computer instead of in my digital camera and now the camera won't recognize it. Is there anything I can do or is this formatting mistake irreversible?

Normally you should be able to reformat the card in your camera. If the camera does not recognize the card at all when the card is plugged in, then something else is wrong.The below listed related ... Read More »

Can you use the same SD memory card with your video camera and digital camera?

there really is no specific card for either... they are designed to work on both. it is like a thumb drive that only fits in a SD slot.

Why does my stupid memory card do this or camera D:<?

Hi K Dog,The reason that you cannot get that to work is because cameras use proprietary (private/undocumented) operating systems to process the images on their cameras. When you move the file to a... Read More »