Can you use slipcovers on leather furniture?

Answer On One Hand: Some Leather FurnitureYou can slipcover certain pieces of leather furniture that meet the measurement requirements of the fabric covers. Most companies make slipcovers for sofas, chair... Read More »

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How to Choose Furniture Slipcovers?

There is no need to buy new furniture simply because you are tired of looking at a particular pattern on your sofa, or an armchair has a spot on it that refuses to come off. Slipcovers offer an att... Read More »

How do I get ink out of leather furniture?

Rubbing AlcoholApply rubbing alcohol to the ink stain using a cotton swab. Gently rub it into the leather, and dry it using a blow dryer. Acetone free nail polish remover is also an effective ink r... Read More »

Do you really have to 'moisturise' leather furniture?

The simple answer to this is no, not with 'moisurising' products. Water is the only moisturiser it needs.Leather needs moisture but this comes from water. Using water based products will add this... Read More »

Leather Furniture & Lice?

Lice are small parasites that feed on blood. Lice live on hairy parts of the body, mostly on the scalp. Lice may fall from the body and live around your house on your furniture. All furniture, incl... Read More »