Can you use slim fast while nursing?

Answer No!

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How much fiber is in Slim Fast?

Slim Fast has eight varieties of shakes. Depending on which flavor is chosen, each 325mL can contains between 2 and 5 grams of dietary fiber, or between 8 and 20 percent of the recommended daily va... Read More »

Diabetics, have you ever used slim fast?

I have a friend, who has Type 2 diabetes and uses Slim Fast under supervision of her Doctor.Of course she carefully monitors blood sugar levels. She tells me her levels now are close to normal and ... Read More »

Does slim fast work well?

I don't know if slim fast does work, but if you want to lose 40 pounds, it'll take time. Losing too much results in gaining it back just as fast. If you look through tumblr, there are a lot of tips... Read More »

Can I combine alli with slim fast?

I think it could be done. Especially if you take the high protein Slim Fast shake. You do not want to combine Alli with a shake that has a moderate to high level of fat in it or you'll have diarrhe... Read More »