Can you use shampoo for people on dogs?

Answer On One Hand: Find a Dog ShampooThe best, most effective, way of bathing a dog is to use a dog shampoo. Dog hair is different than people hair, says Dr. Allison Kirby a veterinary dermatologist. And... Read More »

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Can you use people shampoo for dogs?

On One Hand: Dog Shampoo Is for DogsYou may be tempted to use people shampoo on your dog, but it's not a good idea. People shampoo has a different pH than dog shampoo, and over time, it will dry ou... Read More »

Is it OK to wash dogs with people shampoo?

On One Hand: Different pH LevelsMany vets recommend using a shampoo specifically formulated for dogs. Shampoos for humans are slightly acidic, reflecting the pH level of human skin (around 5.5). A ... Read More »

What happens when you use human shampoo on dogs?

The natural chemistry of a dog's skin and hair are different from the natural chemistry of a human's skin and hair. Human shampoos are designed with this natural chemistry in mind, and dog shampoos... Read More »

Is human shampoo bad for dogs?

Human shampoo is not bad for dogs, but it can cause irritation and dry skin. Mild baby shampoos may be used on frequently bathed dogs, but it's best to use shampoo specially formulated for dogs, si... Read More »