Can you use rubbing alcohol on a small cut or scratch to clean it?

Answer NO. I can't believe all these people are telling you yes!!! NO. FROM WIKIPEDIA:Alcohol pads - should not be used on open cuts or wounds, since they cause tissue damage and delay healing. They can b... Read More »

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What's the difference between green rubbing alcohol vs white rubbing alcohol?

Is it safe to put rubbing alcohol on a small open wound?

well actually, it burns so much because rubbing alcohol kills the cells around the open is desirable to some extent as it kills any infectious bacteria but it also kills your 'healthy bac... Read More »

Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean a laptop keypad?

On One Hand: An Effective Cleaning AgentThe build up of oil and dirt caused by spilled beverages, dust, hair, and everyday use can cause the keys on a keyboard to stick longer when pressed. Isoprop... Read More »

Is it bad to clean my face with alcohol (rubbing)?

Alcohol doesn't really clean your face. It only dries it out badly. There are a lot of face cleaners out in bar & liquid form that will clean your face well. You want something that will clean the ... Read More »