Can you use regular bulbs in a tanning bed?

Answer On One Hand: UV Bulbs are Used in Tanning BedsIf you are replacing bulbs in a tanning bed, they must be UV rated bulbs. Any other type of bulb does not give off the necessary light needed to actual... Read More »

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Types of Tanning Bulbs?

The tanning bulb portion of a tanning bed is the acting element that causes your skin to tan. The ultraviolet light produced by the tanning bulbs, triggers your body to produce melanin, creating a ... Read More »

How to Replace Tanning Bed Bulbs?

If your tanning bed, which is usually quite effective, seems to be losing its power, then it may be time to replace your bulbs. Changing the bulbs when they have used 80 percent of their life expe... Read More »

Differences Between Tanning Bulbs?

If you have ever signed up for a membership at an indoor tanning salon, then you probably heard all about the different types of beds and bulbs. Certain types are more expensive because they are su... Read More »

How to Change Tanning Bulbs?

If you enjoy displaying a dark tan all year-round and the bulb on your tanning bed has expired, you can follow a few simple steps to replace it. The most difficult part is knowing exactly what kind... Read More »