Can you use racing harnesses with a bench seat?

Answer No. For a five- or six-point harness system with independent shoulder belts to be properly installed, it must replace the seatbelt for the driver's side bucket seat. This style of harness, which an... Read More »

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How to Mount Racing Harnesses?

Although we know racing to be a risky and death-defying sport, people still take all the necessary precautions to make the activity as safe as possible. As a part of this mission, racing safety bel... Read More »

Do you need booster seat for kids when the bench seat in the back of the cab is made for kids?

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you are tall enough that the front passenger air-bags will not block and suffocate your mouth and or nose, should they deploy.

How to Mount a Racing Seat?

Installing a racing seat is a popular upgrade, especially on cars that have been modified in some way to accelerate faster and handle better. Racing seats usually feature deeper side and leg bolste... Read More »

How do I upholster a bench seat?

Make the Necessary CutsCut a seat board from MDF to slightly smaller dimensions than those of the top of your bench; the batting and fabric will add about ½-inch all the way around your seat. Cut ... Read More »