Can you use rabbit manure in a garden?

Answer Answer Certainly. Any herbivore (read vegetarian!) diet is great for a garden. Rabbit manure (NPK 2.4-1.4-0.6) is one of the richest organic nitrogen sources available--so rich, in fact, that it ca... Read More »

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Which Is the Best Manure for the Garden: Cow, Horse or Rabbit?

Traditionally, animal manure has been the primary source of fertilizer for farmers who kept animals and also grew food crops. As agriculture has become big business in modern times, farming has int... Read More »

Can rabbit manure be used for compost?

Rabbit manure contains high levels of nitrogen, which makes it ideal for compost and fertilizer. Waste from animals that eat meat should not be used for compost, including house pets such as dogs a... Read More »

Planting With Rabbit Manure?

If you want a garden that thrives, you should augment the nutrients that are already present in the soil with a high-quality fertilizer. One type of high-quality fertilizer is animal manure, and ra... Read More »

How to Compost Cow Manure in a Garden?

Cow manure is a beneficial fertilizing agent for gardens, because it provides necessary bacteria, nutrients and organic matter to the garden. Additionally, it helps remove items that can harm your ... Read More »