Can you use ps2 component cables thru composite?

Answer I don't see how

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Component cables vs composite?

Th biggest differences are marketing and the difference in the signal.You can run RG6 cable(Coax) and place what ever color connector you like on the end of the cable. The quality of the cable wil... Read More »

Composite to component cables?

"But my TV is composite (Red, White, Yellow). Does this pose a problem?"Only from the point of view of picture quality.Composite connections provide the lowest possible video quality - it's even wo... Read More »

Component Vs. Composite Cables?

Component and composite cables are two cable formats that transmit video via an analog signal. That is where the similarities between the two formats end, however, as composite is an old format tha... Read More »

Can you use composite cables for component connections?

The two types of video cables, component and composite, are not interchangeable, and you cannot use composite cables for component connections. The composite cable transfers video through one singl... Read More »