How to Use Etiquette in a Sentence?

Answer The word "etiquette" refers to acceptable social behavior in many different settings and occasions. Whether you talk about good table manners, polite telephone communication or the acceptable way t... Read More »

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How do you use allergy in a sentence?

she continues to sneeze because of her allergy to pollen

Use potpourri in a sentence?

Everyone at the tea party brought a set to share so each table had a potpourri of cups and saucers.

How to Use Lent in a Sentence?

Writers and speakers can incorporate the word "lent" into sentences in various ways. "Lent" is a Christian holiday which begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Good Friday. It should be capitalized when... Read More »

How to Use Concur in a Sentence?

Attorneys often use the word "concur" in legal documents. It has a long history and its use has evolved over the years. Since "concur" is rarely used in daily conversations, it is important to unde... Read More »