Can you use polyurethane on polymer beads?

Answer On One Hand: Polyurethane A Low-Cost AlternativeAlthough there finishes on the market specifically made to coat and protect polymer clay beads, many people prefer to use polyurethane due to its rel... Read More »

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How to Make Polymer Clay Beads?

Make your own beads at home with a bit of clay and your own imagination.

Can you put an oil based polyurethane over the top of water-borne polyurethane?

Yes, but the older finish must be completely dry before applying the new oil based top coat. For furniture use fine steel wool to remove the glossy surface from the old finish to ensure proper adh... Read More »

What is the difference between delica beads& toho beads?

Both delica and toho beads are small, cylindrical seed beads. They are used in bead-working projects that require the beads to fit neatly together for a more aesthetic and uniform effect.The FactsB... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Delica Beads & Toho Beads?

Both Toho and Delica beads are small glass beads, collectively known as seed beads, that are used in beadweaving or other beadwork where uniform detail is needed for both texture and clarity of pat... Read More »