Can you use pickling lime on trees to keep ants away?

Answer Your best bet is something repellant & lime is natural. It may/may not work as a stomach poison (like boric acid) but will not keep them away.Also, there are appearance issues. There are household ... Read More »

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How to Keep Ants Away From Citrus Trees?

Ants can become a nuisance when they become attracted to the sweet fruit that fall from citrus trees. Mid-summer to fall ushers in an explosion in the ant population, according to the University of... Read More »

How to Keep Ants Away From My Peach Trees?

Though many gardeners value ants as pollinating insects, peach tree owners dread them. Ants may help peach trees grow fruit by transferring pollen from one flower to another while they feed, but on... Read More »

The Best Ways to Keep Harmful Bugs Away From Fruit Trees?

Fruit trees such as apple, peach and pear are often grown as ornamentals as well as for the fruit they produce. While these trees are generally healthy, they are susceptible to insect infestations ... Read More »

How to Trim Lime Trees?

The lime tree is a member of the Rutaceae, or citrus, family of plants. Depending upon variety, lime trees can grow to heights of 20 feet and bear thorny or thornless stems. The fruit can be seedle... Read More »