Can you use pickling lime on trees to keep ants away?

Answer Your best bet is something repellant & lime is natural. It may/may not work as a stomach poison (like boric acid) but will not keep them away.Also, there are appearance issues. There are household ... Read More »

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What is the care of lime trees?

Lime trees are popular trees in personal gardens and orchards. Like all citrus trees, though, lime trees have some specific needs.CharacteristicsLime trees are mid-sized citrus trees. They thrive i... Read More »

Do lime trees have thorns?

There is a considerably uncertain amount of lime tree species, and most bear thorns. Lime tree species that have thorns include the key lime, the Tahiti lime, the Mexican lime and the leech lime tr... Read More »

When do lime trees fruit?

The Mexican lime, which is commonly found in the United States, has two main growing seasons. Limes typically grow fruit between May and June and between November and December. However, in warm cli... Read More »

How big do lime trees grow?

Lime trees are considered medium to large trees and are capable of maturing to a height of 15 to 25 feet. The fruits of this tree are harvested from July through September.References:University of ... Read More »