Can you use normal batteries in solar powered lights?

Answer no, you cannot use normal - alkaline - batteries in solar lights.The solar panel on top of the light is used to recharge the battery when the sun is out and then there is a light sensor that turns ... Read More »

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Can I use NiMH batteries in solar lights?

Solar lights usually use rechargeable nickel cadmium (NiDd) batteries to store the sun's energy. Some solar lights use nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. Though similar, the batteries are not i... Read More »

Do solar lights need special batteries?

Outdoor solar lights come with special rechargeable batteries, powered by the sun. After a year or two, however, the batteries may need to be changed because the power has been diminished. You can ... Read More »

Would you prefer a solar powered watch over a battery powered?

Battery powered because I don't want to stay out in the sun. I'd like my apt. to be solar powered though.

Can I convert my traditional-powered light to solar-powered?

Any light that can run on traditional electricity can be powered by solar energy. Energy produced by solar panels is converted into the same voltage used by electric utility companies before being ... Read More »