Can you add Banana to Mead?

Answer If you do try bananas, use them for only a very small fraction of your mead. Mead takes so long to become drinkable, it would be a shame to crap up a large part of the batch.If your separation prob... Read More »

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How to Make Mead?

When you mix water and honey and ferment it with yeast, you get mead, an alcoholic drink often referred to as "honey wine". There are over 30 different kinds of mead.[1] This article will give you ... Read More »

Simplest mead recipe?

Yeah, you can probably make it with bread yeast, but it might taste kinda funky. Bread yeast is not bred for flavor, so there's no telling what it will turn out like until you try it.All you shoul... Read More »

How did the vikings make mead...?

They didn't accumulate the honey; they had bees to do the job for them.

How to Make Sassafras Mead?

Sassafras mead makes a cheap, wholesome and pleasant beverage for warm weather.