Can you use live frogs as bait for fishing in Florida?

Answer Any fresh water non-game fish may be taken and used for bait, according to The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The law does not regulate the use of amphibians for bait. As long a... Read More »

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How to Use Live Bait for Fishing?

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How to Get 99 Fishing in RuneScape Bait Fishing Method?

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Can you use foil as bait for fishing?

You can use aluminum foil as a fish bait. Simply wrap the foil around the hook, and crinkle it so it moves in the water. You can also wrap your existing lures in the foil to make them shiny and mor... Read More »

How to Keep Ice Fishing Bait Alive?

After trapping or purchasing bait fish, you need to keep them alive for effective ice fishing. Baits such as minnows and shiners need a healthy environment that mimics their natural habitat to thri... Read More »