Can you use kerosene or diesel fuel if you run out of #2 fuel oil?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Use Kerosene or Diesel in Your FurnaceBoth kerosene and diesel fuel can be used in a household furnace. Kerosene is less viscous than #2 heating fuel and therefore flows well i... Read More »

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Is kerosene the same as diesel fuel?

Although kerosene and diesel fuel are related, they are not the same. Kerosene and diesel fuel possess different hydrocarbon chain lengths, different octane ratings and different sulfur levels as a... Read More »

How much oil do you add to kerosene to make diesel fuel?

There aren't set ratios for biodiesel. One part kerosene to four parts vegetable oil is a relatively reliable mix, but a 1:9 ratio may work if the ambient temperature is high enough. You might need... Read More »

Does a nozzle for diesel fuel fit into a non-diesel fuel tank?

A diesel nozzle is larger than a regular gasoline nozzle. For this reason, the diesel nozzle will not fit into the gasoline tank. On the other hand, most diesel fuel pumps are green, so drivers wit... Read More »

Can i use kerosene in my diesel mercedes?

On One Hand: Kerosene Mixture Will Power Your MercedesIt is certainly possible to power your Mercedes with a kerosene mixture. Kerosene acts as a burning agent for your engine. When mixed with dies... Read More »