Can you use ipad2 whiles it is charging?

Answer Yes

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Why does the ipad2 say not charging when plugged into your PC?

If you're starting off, get a MacBook Air. If you just want something for light tasks, get the iPad or iPhone. If you are into heavy computing, go for the MacBook Pro.

Can you play the ipad2 whilst charging?

Walmart, target, best buy, apple store,

1 month old gateway laptops not charging. mouse over the Icon and it says "plugged in, not charging"?

That can happen in certain cases like for any other products, sometimes you get a lemon, that is why they offer warranties!You should exercise that warranty (in store or with Gateway directly depen... Read More »

How do you know if a Jazz DV179 Camera is charging/finished charging?

I haven't looked through this link but something might help....…