Can you use iPod shuffle speakers on your tablet PC?

Answer No, you can not use the ipod shuffle speakers for your tablet PC. The reason for this is that the shuffle speakers come in the form of a docking station and there is not a way to plug your PC into ... Read More »

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How to Play an iPod Shuffle Through Stereo Speakers?

You can't connect an iPod shuffle to one of those iPod stereo systems unless you buy a special connector. But who has the money for that? If you have the right things, just make your own!

Ipod Shuffle without a shuffle button(!)?

Hi,Call me stupid but I think your answer to the question is in the heading of the question you have asked.... I mean come on, it can't be a SHUFFLE IPOD if it has NO SHUFFLE BUTTON!!!Have a look a... Read More »

You have an ipod 3rdG nano and an ipod shuffle how do you sync from the same itunes library?

Simple just plug them both into the same computer and click snyc

What kind of iPod Should I get The iPod Touch, Nano, Classic or Shuffle?

I would go with classic. I got the new nano, and there are A LOT of problems with it, so don't get that. Even though the classic is more expensive, its generally better than the others.The shuffle ... Read More »