Can you use iPhone as a router for apple laptop?

Answer Yes

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How to Hook Up an Apple Laptop to a Wireless Router?

Apple laptops have built-in hardware adapters for wireless computer networks. Each wireless network is implemented by one or more wireless routers -- appliances that bridge network packets between ... Read More »

Difference between factory unlocked apple iphone 3gs and jailbroken apple iPhone 3GS?

AboutUp to 4,000 songsandUp to 16 hours videoThis is an approximate answer

Is iPhone model A1203 original from apple is it 3rd generation 8gb apple iPhone?

That is really only a matter of opinion and can vary according to the individual.

Can i connect my laptop to my wired router even though my router is downstairs?

If the cable is long enough, yes. The person before me mentioned a "TP LINK". If you're going to invest money in one of those you might as well get a wireless router. If you are dead set against go... Read More »