Can you use hydro cortisone on newborns?

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Is Hydro-cortisone tablets available in India?

Yes, but it has a different name, butsome doctors will not recommend it. i tried it, and I got rashes, so I started getting those tabletsb from Singapore.

2 weeks after cortisone shot and not much pain; just the cortisone or is it healing?

Cortisone is a steroid that inhibits the inflammation cascade IgE. Cortisone helps relieve the inflammation not heal the joint. If the pain is relieved at the time the shot is given it's because of... Read More »

Do cortisone injections hurt?

Whatever you do, don't buy this "abigail" persons crap. They go around answering question after question, with no real advice just to get a website advertised with weird treatments. I can't give an... Read More »

Infiltration in the cortisone you think?

It relieves pain, but it must not be abused, thereby affecting the veins