Can you use headphone wire to hook up to a speaker?

Answer Fake, i got 2 pairs and all the tell tale signs, green text on packaging, decall wears of instantly, no serial numbers, sound crap!, ive heard many reports of PURE BASE aka Read More »

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How do you hook a speaker to a headphone jack?

Depends on the specific models that are being compared

How to Hook Up Speaker Wire to Speakers?

Audio speakers connect to a signal source with a speaker wire split into two strands for the positive and negative terminals. Speaker wire is typically coded so each of the two wires is a different... Read More »

How to Hook Up Speaker Wire to a Computer?

Connecting the wires from your speaker to your audio card or the onboard audio on your computer's motherboard is necessary to utilize the speakers on your PC system. This is a fairly straightforwar... Read More »

Best kind of wire for in-wall speaker wire installation?

16 or 14 guage does infact refer to the thickness of the wire. The more power (watts) you are delivering through the speakers the heavier guage wire you want to use. (14g is thicker than 16g). T... Read More »