Can you use hdmi on a standard TV?

Answer No, the TV must have been made with the HDMI connector built in.

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Can you use standard cables with an HDMI TV?

Yes, believe it or not, you can use regular coax cable, s-video, etc to connect to your HD TV. Picture quality won't be so great but it will work. HDMI or component cables give the best PQ. There ... Read More »

Does a Standard VGA Card Support HDMI?

VGA (Video Graphics Array) cards are a type of graphics card that transmits data to a computer monitor using an analog signal. Some cards support multiple technologies, including VGA and High-Defin... Read More »

How to Connect a Standard TV Cable to an HDMI System?

High-definition television systems obtain high-definition audio and video signals from source devices via HDMI cable. However, even these televisions are still able to obtain audio and video from o... Read More »

Do HDMI cables make a difference on a standard TV?

No.HDMI cables will need an HDMI input and only HD capable TVs will have them.