Can you use glass cleaner on a flat screen tv?

Answer Most likely will not hurt it. HOWEVER, it is possible for it to destroy it. Check the bottle and television manufacturers instructions for specifics. Usually a microfiber cloth is the correct action.

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Can you use glass cleaner on a flat screen LCD TV?

Liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions should not be cleaned with glass cleaner, since it can damage the screen. Instead, clean the screen by gently wiping it with a bit of water on a soft, damp ... Read More »

Is it safe to use my husband's eye glass cleaner and cloth to clean my monitor screen?

I buy one of those dusting (soft) cloths that they sell at Wal-Mart. It works great all the time.....well except for Sonic Lemon-Berry Slush! LOL!nfd♥

What can I use to clean a flat screen television & flat screen computer monitor?

microfiber cloth....get it moist and wipe the screen.

Can i use glass cleaner with ammonia in it to clean my scanner glass top and bottom?

Advised to use glass cleaner. Ammonia are not not advised use.