Can you use fenbendazole to kill mites?

Answer Fenbendazole is manufactured under the trade name Panacur as a medicine used to treat roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm and whipworm infections, among other internal parasites. It is not used to treat... Read More »

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How to Kill House Mites?

House mites, also known as dust mites, are just one of many type of mites in the world. Mites like to live in damp, humid, warm places. Mites live off the dead skin cells of humans as well as the d... Read More »

How to Kill Rabbit Mites?

Rabbit fur mites should be eliminated immediately for the sake of your bunny's comfort. Also known as "walking dandruff," the rabbit fur mite can cause itching and hair loss among rabbits. In addit... Read More »

Do spider mites kill arborvitaes?

Spider mites belong in the family Arachnids, having eight legs instead of six. Spruce spider mites are a pest that attacks arborvitae. The mites reduce photosynthesis in the arborvitae by sucking o... Read More »

Can Tea Tree Oil Kill Mange Mites?

Tea tree oil has definite antimicrobial properties but very few studies have been done to test its effectiveness at killing mites. Since mange is caused by tiny mites on the skin, tea tree oil is n... Read More »