Can you use facetime on the iPhone 4 if whoever you're talking does not have an iPhone 4?

Answer No you both have to have an iphone 4 :)

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Can you check your iPhone calendar while talking on the iPhone?

Yes, you can just click the home button and you should be able to it works on mine.

Is facetime only iPhone 4 to iPhone?

For now, yes.. facetime is only available to iphone 4 to iphone 4. but as far as I know,Apple is working on it to make facetime available on 3g network..Hope this helps~

Can you get facetime on iPhone 3gs?

No. The only iPhone that has the ability to FaceTime is the iPhone 4.

How do you use FaceTime on an old iphone?

my touch 4g is better because it can slide and an i phone 4 cant -BTW i have a my touch 4g and it is AWESOME