Can you use elica cream to a 3 months old baby for his rashes?

Answer yes

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What are the side effects of elica cream Can I use this cream to treat baby's rashes?

yes you can I always use this for the rashes of my baby specially for the face. so far I haven't notice any side effects. & the good thing about this is it doesn't take long for the rashes to fade.

Your 3 months baby has rashes all over his face why?

NOO!! they could carry a disease and spread it...

What is the medication for 10 months baby who has rashes over her face and at the back of her head?

Ah ok if you want your parent's to bring you anywhere id suggest this actully worked for me if your in school still wait till summer holidays and if there over say dad or mam please can i go on a h... Read More »

What types of rashes can your use triamcinolone acetonide cream be used for?

I am not a doctor but as far as I can see it can be used on any rash except fungal, bacterial, viral or herpes or if you have tuberculosis without talking to your doctor Get emergency medical help ... Read More »