Can you use dicycloverine when pregnant?

Answer Before taking dicycloverine make sure your doctor or pharmacist knows: If you are pregnant, trying for a baby or breast-feeding. Everywhere I see they say pregnant women should take special precaut... Read More »

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Is Dicycloverine safe for use in infant diarrhea?

yes if u've done it 5 timesor done it with a pen,marker or ur finga

What color is your pee when you're pregnant and should you not drink soda when you're pregnant?

Answer Your pee is the same color it always is, at least mine was. And soda is not really recommended when you're pregnant because of the sugar (which could raise your change for gestational diabe... Read More »

What do you do when you want to get pregnant but your afraid about how your parents might react when you tell them that your pregnant?

Answer If you think you're mature, independent and responsible enough to have and raise a child, you should be mature enough to be able to tell your parents. If you're not, perhaps you should con... Read More »

When you find out your pregnant how many weeks do you go back to find out when you got pregnant?

Actually, how many weeks along you are goes by the first day of your last cycle. If you have a perfect 28 day cycle; then you would count back two weeks and that would be around the time you ovulat... Read More »