Can you use crushed coral in a fresh water aquarium?

Answer Crushed coral can be used in a freshwater aquarium. It is important to note, however, that crushed coral will raise the pH level of the water and is not a good choice with fish that prefer low pH l... Read More »

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Can i use dried up live rocks in my tropical fresh water aquarium?

Live rocks are rocks that are in salt water with organisms growing on them; the rocks themselves are not alive. A dried live rock has been removed from salt water, allowed to dry thus killing the o... Read More »

Types of Coral for an Aquarium?

Many types of reef corals will thrive in an aquarium environment as long as the reef keeper provides the proper lighting and water conditions. When deciding on corals for a reef aquarium, knowing t... Read More »

Can i use beach coral in my aquarium?

Not all coral found at the beach is safe to put in an aquarium. Whether the coral is for decoration or to grow in the fish tank, it is best to buy it from a knowledgeable supplier.Source:Aquatic Co... Read More »

Using LED Lighting in an Aquarium for Coral Growth?

Light emitting diode (LED) lighting is one of the newer forms of aquarium lighting. Although it is the most expensive form of aquarium light, it offers some advantages. LED lights do not produce as... Read More »