Can you use creme bleach for facial hair while your pregnant?

Answer Answer There have been no tests on if it has an effect most people recommend waxing or tweasing since nothing could be absorbed into the skin

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Can you bleach your teeth while pregnant?

On One Hand: No Evidence of ProblemsThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it is unaware of any safety issues with over-the-counter tooth whiteners. However, the agency is taking a secon... Read More »

How to Apply 20 Volume Creme Developer and Bleach to Lighten Red Hair Dye?

Typically, hair dye consists of two parts --- a creme developer and a color packet. The developer bonds with the pigments in the color packet, making the hair dye permanent. Developer is available ... Read More »

Is it safe to bleach your hair when you are 23 weeks pregnant?

Answer No. The chemicals in the dye can get in your blood stream and transfer to your baby. There are other chemicals you should avoid such as splenda.Do a google search for things to avoid while... Read More »

How to Bleach Facial Hair?

Unwanted facial hair can be a real problem, and unfortunately many of the hair-removal methods on the market are painful and not always totally effective. That's why bleaching is such a popular opt... Read More »