Can you use cracked corn that you buy in a feed store to make moonshine?

Answer You can and when you do make it a nice sour mash whiskey.

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Can you use feed corn for corn meal?

Using feed corn for corn meal has two problems. Feed corn comes in five grades. Only grades No. 1 and No. 2 are considered good enough for human consumption. Also, some feed corn is transgenic, mea... Read More »

What is cracked corn?

Cracked corn is a famous line from a 19th century American folk song, as well as a general feed term, which describes the condition of uncooked corn kernels that have been separated from the cob. T... Read More »

Can cracked corn melt ice?

Cracked corn has the ability to melt icy walkways. When walking on the ice, the corn also provides some traction. Along with birdseed, the corn is a green option for melting the ice because it also... Read More »

Why do they let corn dry out for feed?

So that it will store longer and maintain better quality.