Can you use corning ware grill pans in the oven?

Answer The CorningWare grill pan is safe to use in the oven. All CorningWare includes safety and care instructions with purchase. CorningWare products are also safe to use in the microwave, refrigerator... Read More »

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Corning ware go from refrigerator to oven?

Can Corning Ware go from the fridge to the oven?

CorningWare stoneware products can safely go from the refrigerator to the oven. Not all CorningWare products are made from stoneware, however, so read through the care information provided with you... Read More »

How do i use a corning ware coffee percolator?

Making CoffeeClean your percolator thoroughly and grind your coffee beans into a coarse blend. Fill the percolator with water to the line marked on the appliance. Place the ground coffee into the ... Read More »

How to Remove Stains From Corning Ware?

Corning Ware is cookware that is often used for baking casseroles or other dishes and desserts that require some time in the oven. Corning Ware is an efficient type of cookware because you can bake... Read More »