Can you use competitors equipment for direct tv service?

Answer Short answer, yes. It needs to be installed with a clear view of the southern sky. If you're in a complex without a clear view or just can't install it on the roof, your only non-dish option is cab... Read More »

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Who are AARP's direct competitors?

American Seniors Association: NASCON became ASA (American Seniors Association) in 2007. USA Next: And what about USA Next, the longtime voice of conservative seniors for whom Art Linkletter is t... Read More »

Direct TV vs Cable, Direct TV service, hidden fees and penalties?

I have had DirecTV for 5 years and I hate them. I had to sign a 2 year contact. The first 4 years were ok, if you don't mind your tv messing up everytime you get a heavy rain. The plan I have is... Read More »

If you are already paying for the direct tv service can you legally buy your own direct tv box?

Where can you return the equipment for direct TV in NJ?

The following explaination is all well and good, but the main reason that you can't use a single LNB by itself and connect two receivers together to it is because the LNB switches between either th... Read More »